New official intro/splash screen for C-Net DS2
released by Storm’s Edge Technologies.

C-Net DS2 Acquired

In June 2012 Storm’s Edge Technologies entered into an agreement to acquire any and all rights to C-Net Developer System II (aka C-Net DS2) from Jim Selleck.

Why acquire the software?

I was enamored by bulletin board systems (BBS) back in the day and ran my first BBS with C-Net v10.0 and from that point forward I had a passion for C-Net. Later, I would run bulletin board systems with C-Net 128 as well as C-Net Amiga.  As I got back into the BBS world back in 2003 and 2004, I began to search out my old friend C-Net.  It would seem that C-Net DS2 was lost forever protected by dongle anti-piracy routines and it seems as if no one had a copy (at least one they would share).

Please know that I acquired C-Net DS2 without any thoughts of making any money from the software, I acquired it from Jim out of respect for the software and what it has meant to me and so many others over the years.  I could not even guess how many hours I spend working with the software and running my various BBS system.  I just know that I did not want the software to fall into the same death trap as the LT Kernal hardware – That’s another story.

C-Net DS2 Available – With conditions…

While I am not making the software public domain or freeware, I am making it available to anyone that would like a copy of the software, so long as it’s only distributed or made available via an official C-Net Support BBS or Web-Site.  Your welcome to point them to our site’s software page or BBS.  However, you many NOT host the files on your site, BBS, any file sharing system.  Nor can you link to some other site’s copies of the files.  If you have copies that you feel should be made available, then please send them to us and they will be posted with credit to you for having saved that version/copy of the software.

It has taken a very long time searching and searching the internet for copies that were complete enough to publish and marry with the compiled ML code that I acquired.  I have just recently gotten as close to the original disks as I have ever seen from the internet – My thanks goes out to whom ever posted them.

Please see the Software Area for the disk images.

New Release Coming Soon

While I know it has been a long while, I am planning on releasing a new version of the software in the near future and will post my journey of learning how to compile the assembly code and marry it with the basic code in order to get everything working correctly.

New Features

  • Y2K Fix – no more 1900
  • Swiftlink & Turbo232 Support